About the Owner

Born and raised in Northern Ontario Karrie Emms has deep roots and northern blood coursing through her veins.  Spending the majority of her life in picturesque Ontario towns she had ample opportunity to study the colors, silhouettes and sights which have inspired many an artists.  

Taking these inspirations, Ms. Emms has used art as a form of self-expression while marrying traditional techniques with modern culture, sayings, faith-based-life and current events to transcend the communication and cultural barriers often present in our world and to touch the hearts and lives of people experiencing hardship and confusion. 

As a single mother who homeschooled two amazing children (now adults) Ms. Emms was often inspired by the questions and interests of her children who were always eager to learn new art forms.  For example a simple question of, 'how did knights make their armor,' turned into a lucrative family business making chainmaille jewelry.   As the children grew into adults their own artistic endeavors became apparent.  Her son specializes  in glassblowing and blacksmithing as well as welding and he frequently works on the set of movies and series filiming in the North. Her daughter became a provincial level gymnast and coach before moving onto post secondary studies in Kinesiology and she has a talented eye for natural light photography capturing both nature and humanity 

On December 4th, 2021 a tragedy turned the life of Ms. Emms upside down.  Two blocks away from where she stood watching outside her gallery her nephew was brutally stabbed.  She had no idea it was him until later that evening and on December 11, 2021 Nicholas Adam Kenneth Nicholls took his last breath and in doing so gave several people the best gift he ever could by becoming an organ donor.  The family is now navigating grief, the court system and more while building an art center in his memory to help other young people.  Ms. Emms has been working to develop a speaker series and art show that tells the story with the title, "His Name Was Nick'.

Ms. Emms has a strong background in event planning, fundraising and journalism making her the ideal person to plan your next event, fundraiser or workshop in a personal or business environment. 

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